The evolution of the 3M ™ Aura ™ 9300+ particle mask series

The original? Launched in 1996 by 3M as the first flat foldable respirator with a three-piece design. The third generation of the 3M ™ Aura ™ 9300+ Particle Mask Series is now available! Here are the latest details for even more safety and comfort.

Safe as always, comfortable as never before. The 3M ™ Aura ™ Particle Mask 9300+ series has always combined the aspect of safety with maximum carrying and handling comfort for protection against fine dusts and mists. With the particle masks of the 3M ™ Aura ™ 9300 + Gen3 series , the development is now once again in the next round



The newest and third generation of Particle Masks now promises more comfort in breathing, easier preforming, placement and removal, a durable comfort harness and even increased counterfeit security!

  • NEW – the 3M ™ Cool Flow ™ comfort valve
    For noticeably easier exhalation and less heat and moisture formation. The “grip” function also makes it easier to set up, correct and remove the mask.
  • NEW – Aufsetzhilfen
    These allow easier and hygienic opening, preforming and applying the mask on the face.
  • NEW – comfort harness
    The pleasant textile harness is tearproof and facilitates the clear assignment to the protection levels via color coding.
  • NEW – the 3M ™ Safe Guard ™ validation process
    Original in use? Immediately procures you
    an authenticity check at on this point certainty.

Reliable high performance filter technology

In the third generation mask wearers also benefit from the 3M ™ Advanced Electret filter medium (AEM) . It is designed for high and reliable
Filtering of particles at lower load of the mask wearer. The sealing points on the upper side of the mask have also proven themselves
When exhaling the air passage is minimized upwards and reduces the fogging of spectacles.

Detailed information on the 3M ™ Aura ™ 9300 + Gen3 Particle Mask Series? Product brochure, technical data sheet, attachment instructions and much more can be obtained via our contact form .

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Posted in News - February 13th, 2019 by Janina Herfurth