Company policy

A host of innovative milestones mark the development of the Röckelein GmbH. The company has grown from a merely trading company to a supplier of complete and customized solutions for all parts of industry.

The customer satisfaction secures the company existence – with success. Since the company was founded the turnover has been growing constantly. The goal of each consultation is to offer the customer new, innovative possible solutions. The employees and supplier are the most important source of the efficiency.

The flexibility of a traditional family business allows us to offer our customers individually solutions and finding the best possible service, like the motto:


“Strive for perfection in all your actions, choose only the best and improve it.

If it doesn’t exist, do it yourself.”

(Sir Henry Royce, Rolls Royce Ltd.)


Quality secures success

By the use of modern technology and constant optimization of all processes we are able to guarantee the highest quality levels.

The use of optical measuring systems for examination of measurements and shapes or the complexly color system ensure high quality standards. By using the optical measuring systems for examination the measurements and shapes or the color management system maintain a high level of products and services. The company locations were certified by ISO 9001.

Any criticism and complaint will be occasion for a constantly optimization of our processes.

Appreciation of employees

The confidence and the assignment of responsibility are the reasons for our outstanding employee commitment. Therefore we think that apprenticeship for the young generation and further education of our employees is our obligation.

Additional objectives like environment protection, safety at work and ethical behavior are part of all our company policy.


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