New Ergonomic Grinding Wheels: Higher removal, better service life

Replacing 3M ™ Green Corps ™ Grinding Wheels: The new 3M ™ Cubitron ™ II Flex Grind Grinding Wheels guarantee ergonomic, low-pressure and vibration-free working with maximum removal rate and significantly longer service life.




Continuous vibration – triggered by hand tools – can have negative effects on the body and in the long run even harmful to health. If, for example, long-term pressure is applied to an angle grinder with a roughing wheel, the so-called vibration-induced vasospastic syndrome may result: Joint damage, circulatory disorders and neurological disorders in the user’s hand or arm are often the result.

So far, 3M has tackled this problem with 3M ™ Green Corps ™ scrubbing discs, which cause significantly less vibration, noise and dust than conventional scrubbing discs. Now the Green Corps scrubbing discs will be replaced by the new, improved 3M ™ Cubitron ™ II Grind Grinding Scales. Advantage: Twice longer service life and significantly higher removal rates with the same ergonomic working method.

For efficient work without unnecessary burden! The precision-formed ceramic grain cuts through the metal instead of “plowing through” like a conventional ceramic grain. This allows:

  • Faster processing > more production pieces per hour
  • Longer life > lower cost per application
  • Less pressure > thanks to high cutting ability
  • Less vibration > high user comfort

The new Cubitron II Grind Grinding Wheels can be used in construction, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals. In addition to ordinary removal and deburring, it is ideal for removing scale. The discs are available in the 36+ gauge with 115mm, 125mm or 180mm diameter, in the 80+ gauge with 115mm or 125mm diameter. The flexible grinding disc must always be used with a special backing pad. This is enclosed with each sales unit.

Find out more about the new high-performance 3M ergonomic product here or contact us via our contact form.

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Posted in News - February 13th, 2019 by Janina Herfurth